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Garden Office Ground Screws

Ground Screws

Ground Screws by CS-Garden Offices

The low mess, low noise, fast alternative to traditional concrete. 

Ground Screws are an environmentally friendly alternative offering the perfect solution for any hard to get to areas or sloping / uneven ground.


Here are just a few of the benefits over concrete. 

No Digging Required

No mess / damage to your garden or the surrounding area 

Rapid Installation - Usually installed the same morning as the garden office

Can be dismantled as quick as installed

Temporary or permanent use

No landfill waste or requirements

Immediately loadable 

We source all of our ground screws from a reputable supplier 'Radix' who are dedicated to achieving the highest standard and quality of product.

BBA certified Factory Production Control and Welding Quality Management System

CE marking all structural steel components to EXC3 under EN 1090 for health, safety, and environmental protection standards

Ground screws are manufactured under EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management and finished in accordance with EN ISO 1461:2009



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Garden Office Ground Screws
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