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Superior Exterior Finishes Built To Last! 

Our external finishes are extremely unique. Not only are they subtle & modern but there are also some amazing benefits.

Zero Maintenance

We use a plastisol coated galvanized steel giving a superior sturdy structure that will never rot or deteriorate in years to come. So unlike the traditional timber rooms, you will never have to varnish or treat your garden room.

Superior Insulation

Our modular panels have a 75mm polyurethane insulated core giving tremendous U-Values of 0.13! The very best on the market. This awesome insulation gives massive energy savings, even in the harshest of winters a small electric heater is more than sufficient to keep a comfortable temperature.

High Security

Over the years our buildings have stored anything from home theaters to scientific test chambers holding over £150k worth of equipment. You can be assured that our buildings offer the very best security values. From the standard 6point locking systems to our doors & windows to the High-security steel reinforced doors.

Vermin Proof

In timber based garden rooms there are hundreds of small joints and cracks for unwanted insects & vermin to access. With our modular panel system, there are very few panel joints all of which are sealed with a colour matched mastic keeping even the smallest of insects out. 

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